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We have crossed the oceans:

Clients ranging from Africa, USA, Australia from attractive static websites to high performanance dynamic & CMS based website, web applications,
softwares, internet marketing solutions & obviously promoting business worldwide.

From attractive FrontPage design to backend code, custom built application, database driven codes, easy CMS system and CDN system for better hosting. You must not be a geek or a computer programmer, our website can be updated by anyone who knows Microsoft Word a little.
Yes! you have products and having only website with text or images doesnt means more. you must have a products information, detailed information about products so people can get information about your products, we have.
Desktop based application can be accessed only on desktop or local network but web based applications can be browsed, update, edited & can be managed anywhere from the world. It can be your online ledger, CMS system, accounting system, invoicing or any other.

We provide the complete technological solutions under a single roof. From a basic domain registration to the high end software development is processed at Pracas Infosys.
We are committed to provide all services related to Information technology since 2007.We work with various government sectors, educational institutes, health institutes, NGOs INGOs and various business firms in Biratnagar as well other various parts of country, and also with country like USA, Australia, and China etc. providing best and satisfying services to all our customers.
Pracas Infosys is a registered tax payer company to Nepal Government. Our company is legally registered Information Technology Consulting company in Nepal with the registration number as 8222- 064/065 & VAT number as 302725393.
We work with a talented, experienced and professional team, with good technical skills who creates innovative results to your business. All the team members work with a great effort satisfying all our clients and keep good customer relation and wish to solve all problems of our clients satisfying them.
As we know the Web is rapidly developing day by day so, it is very important to keep business up to date with latest technologies. We work staying very close to latest and modern technology, tools, trends and scripts providing best services to all our clients.
We provide complete solutions of websites, email, ecommerce which are important for your business. We target to provide best and reliable service and best web hosting with best support and uptime.
We provide you with best contents to your business. Our experts create best content regarding your business, services and products which include complete information about your business. We provide you best photography services with a professional photographer.

Web Solutions

We provide our customers with complete web solutions, with attractive site for their business, emails and ecommerce solutions.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing aligns with a way of consumers purchasing decisions. Internet marketing enables you to build relations with customers.

Software Development

Our professional and experienced team members develop either database or other custom software for your business according to your requirement.

IT Consultancy

We provide you with all the IT solutions related to business, how to use information technology to meet your business objectives.